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How to improve production efficiency wood pellet machine

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Many users in the use of wood pellet machine, there may be one way or another, the most fundamental problem is nothing more than how to improve production efficiency wood pellet machine, increasing efficiency. Jin Kun particles accumulated in 11 years of machine production and sales process a wealth of experience, summed up some tips, I hope to help you.

1, choose their own production capacity of equipment, such as the actual yield 1-2 tons, if selected produce 2-3 tons of machine would not be overkill, resulting in waste?

2, the production process of feeding should be uniform, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the machine, granulating blocking material is not uniform.

3, control the gap between the mold and the pressure roller, the material after high temperature aging after pressure roller pressing, good particle density of this out, strong and beautiful.

4, their actual needs to choose a suitable mold according to the aperture, if the pore size is too small will result in low yields no material phenomenon, it will seriously affect production efficiency wood pellet machine.

5, regular greasing and cleaning. Mold and the press mold damage causes friction wheel for a long time, regular cleaning and oiling can not only guarantee the mold cleanliness, and will reduce the friction between the two, reduce costs, provide production efficiency.
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