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Analysis of large straw pellets machine cause of the noise

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With the over-exploitation of coal resources, coal not only to the environment caused serious pollution, and over-exploitation of the coal geological formations around the world pose a serious threat, each of the national coal mine collapse in time to remind everyone to save resources protection, it equal protection of man himself. In support driven by national policy, the development and utilization of new energy agenda, biomass pellet machine industry has become a hot, biomass particles is straw, wood chips, sawdust, rice husk and other biomass material to suppress particles. Our straw pellet unit, for example, to analyze the next big straw particles machine noise reasons.

  1, straw particles bearing unit may be a part of the problem, the machine does not operate properly, the operating current will fluctuate. High operating current (down to check or replace the bearings).

2, blocking ring mold, or only a portion of the orifice discharge. Foreign objects into the ring mold, ring mold out of round, roll the die gap and tight, pressure roller pressure roller bearing wear or damage will not be rotated to produce wood pellet machine vibration (check or replace the ring mold, adjust the nip).

3, coupling correcting imbalances, high and low around deviation, wood pellets have the opportunity to vibration, and are easy to damage the pinion seal (coupling to the school must be horizontal).

4, the spindle is not tightened, the spindle will generate around loose axial movement, pressure roller swing obviously, a great vibration noise granulator, granulating difficulties (need to tighten the spindle tail butterfly spring and round nut).

  Straw pellet unit is certainly big noise problem or improper operation of the machine itself found that the problem should be solved immediately, you can not turn a blind eye, otherwise it will reduce the life of the unit equipment straw particles, resulting in unnecessary losses.
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