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Kam-kun teach you how to distinguish biomass fuel particles

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Currently particles industry booms, many of which unscrupulous traders take advantage of fishing in troubled waters, shoddy, damaged the interests of its clients. And customers in the selection of pellet fuel, when it is only from grain prices to consider, ignoring the particle itself quality problems. In view of the many problems, I provide a few discriminating particles, we want to help slightly.

Biomass particles varied materials, including, sawdust, straw, peanut shells, cotton stalks, garbage, straw, corn stover, which is the highest value of burning wood fuel, straw, followed by the worst garbage.

1 observed particle color, luster, purity, ash and various types of raw materials, wood pellets and straw pellets combustion, mostly yellow, brown, and black garbage particles was; purity is said granulated condition, granulating situation better, the longer the length, less scrap, is the fine particles; after producing fewer particulate fuel combustion ash, indicating that pure raw materials, the quality is good, pure wood biomass particles only 1% ash content, minimum ash, straw larger particles of ash, ash highest garbage particles, up to 30%, the quality most times, in addition, there are many factories in order to save costs, lime, talcum powder and other impurities in the particles after combustion, ash white; quality better particle, the higher the gloss, the cost of living garbage matte particles.

2, smell the odor particles, since biomass particles in the production process can not add additives task, so most of the particles also maintained a smell of raw wood pellets which there is a fragrant wood, all kinds of straw particles has its unique straw odor, garbage odor particles have one kind of gutter after fermentation.

3, touch particles, particle identification quality. Touch granules, smooth surface, no cracks, no debris, high hardness, indicating good quality; surface is not smooth, there are obvious cracks, a lot of debris, a bad hand would pinch crushed particles quality.
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