Peanut shell pellet production line
    Peanut shell pellet production line

    The raw material processing mill - mill pulverizing system as the core, consisting of multiple auxiliary equipment, crushing work no dust emission after crushing by fan suction wet sawdust discharging pneumatic conveying wind. Discharging sawdust size is about 3-4mm.

    Rice husk peanut shell seeds drying - drying machine, three cylinder dryer, melon seeds, peanut shell special drying machine, covers an area of small, high drying efficiency, small heat loss, in dryer internal heat exchange rate as high as 90%, dryer heating equipment pneumatic conveying automatic feeding, without manual, reduce customer human cost.

    Particle molding process - peanut shell particles, according to the size of the customer requirements, extrusion molding biomass particles, particle moisture 10-13%, particle temperature 70-80.

    Cooling process - counterflow type cooling machine, reducing the particle temperature and particle of water is reduced, through the cooler after the particle temperature is generally higher than room temperature 10-20 degrees, cooling water particles in 7-8%, particle density 700-750kg/m3.

    Packaging process - packaging machine - according to the customer's local sales needs, select the appropriate packaging machine for customers to sell products.


    We will according to the raw material water yield different customer requirement and customer orientation, the design for the customer production line.

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