After-sale service

    24 hours worry free service

    1, one day response system: Troubleshooting efforts to control the completion of the 24 hours.

    2, double supervision system: dual supervision of the general manager and marketing manager. For services to provide manpower, material resources, financial and technical guidance for spare parts supply of green channel.

    Three, 3 minutes response system: request service staff received a single instruction within 3 minutes after the contact with the customer.

    4, parts supply security system: the fastest and most effective way in the shortest time service.

    Service network: transportation and service outlets across the country, to provide customers with seamless fast service.

    Service management mode: the customer as the center, maintenance services, express service, return visit service, accessories management services. Communication information, tracking the whole process.

    Value added services:

    The annual rolling type provides operator training.

    The equipment periodically monitoring.

    The technology upgrade.

    Customer service service program

    Pre-sale service:

    To help customers understand the performance of the equipment, specifications, etc..

    Meet the customer consultation, help clients to develop and use the feasible scheme


    The sale of services:

    The free training of equipment operation and maintenance personnel.

    The way to guide the installation.

    The door-to-door transport agent.

    After-sale service:

    Provide 24 hours service hotline.

    The continuing training for customers, operation and maintenance personnel.

    The regular visits to customers, understand the running status of equipment.

    The protection of parts supply.

    The user complaints, give timely treatment.

    Pay attention to the information feedback.

    The establishment of regular customer product archives.

    The lifetime supply of accessories.

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